Dracy Dewar

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Dracy Dewar

Dracy has a high level of business experience and expertise in new business, leadership and brand development. Her network marketing career started at a young age of 23. She has gone from a single mother on welfare to a top income earning mother of four, proving you can run a family, work from home and be the sole income earner while still living an above average lifestyle.

With a passion for connecting with people and creating an environment where relationships are forged and where people are given the opportunity to learn, grow and expand, Dracy has been able to inspire thousands by creating and supporting a sales team by helping them advance into top leadership roles. Dracy believes that the best education comes from the places you go, the people you meet and the literature you read.

Leading by example, Dracy demonstrates exemplary skills in fostering relationships and engendering trust and loyalty with customers, colleagues and building dynamic teams. 

Dracy’s strengths include cultivating and creating space for communication, contribution & conversation. Dracy wants to help disrupt the industry in how things are done in itss ever-changing landscape. She is at her highest value when she is being creative and problem-solving. Working with business builders to achieve higher results in performance, production and personal development is her aim.

Taking her last 28 years in network marketing and her passion for leadership development, she has the ability to quickly recognize and execute a plan & strategy for the desired results while creating an environment for education and experiences.

Her motto is about not just showing up, but stepping up and standing out by finding alignments between your head & heart so you can labour in a way that adds value to people’s lives.

Dracy has an infectious energy that motivates & inspires those around her, whether it is the senior leaders, new business builders, or loyal customers. Her unique tools & techniques give people a willingness to make a difference and be part of something BIG.

Currently living in the Gold Coast, Qld Australia on and off for the last 20 years where she gets her daily dose of sunshine, surf and sand. Dracy is enjoying being grandmother, passing on her wisdom to her growing family, and multiplying like a network marketing business. She now consults for network marketing companies on field development and still enjoys coaching and mentoring top leaders in leadership & brand development.

Through events and everyday networking they have development huge organizations. They both have achieved a high level of success that puts them in the top 1% of their industry. Dracy & Teisha have achieved this with immense passion and persistence in personal development that led to leadership development and helping others achieve their dreams and goals by unwrapping the gifts this opportunity has and unwrapping the gifts that they already have.

I’ve known Dracy for 25 years & we’ve had the opportunity to work together several times. Dracy is a dynamic trainer, full of enthusiasm and has walked the walk in the Direct Sales industry.  Some people tell you how to build a business without doing the work. Dracy has done the work and had results. With her years of experience and practical ways to grow your business, you are sure to learn some great strategies.

Louise Adrian