Who We Are

Who Are We

The Unwrapped Leader

Teisha and Dracy are two entrepreneurs in the network marketing industry that helps business builders unwrap their inner gifts.

Together, Teisha and Dracy have over 30 years of experience in business and field development.

Through events and everyday networking, they have developed huge organizations. They both have achieved a high level of success that puts them in the top 1% of their industry.

Dracy & Teisha have achieved this with immense passion and persistence in personal growth; this passion led to leadership development and helping others achieve their dreams and goals by unwrapping the gifts this opportunity offers and the gifts within them.

This dynamic duo has worked together for almost 5 years in a mentor-mentee role helping each other. Dracy has helped Teisha start her network marketing business go from part time university student to full time leader by unwrapping the gift of confidence, focus and a strong mindset, while showcasing the gifts this industry offers. Teisha has helped Dracy go from an old school offline business to the ever growing online business that you can do anywhere.

Together they help business builders that lack confidence in themselves or the industry. Teisha specializes in helping Gen X or Baby Boomers that have been in business but not an online business, while Dracy’s expertise is in helping Gen Z or Millennials that know how to get online, but struggle with developing a business structure or strategy.

Dracy can give the support and wisdom of building a large empire that focuses on leadership development, while Teisha gives strategy and support to building an attractive and sustainable online business.

This approach will help anyone who genuinely has a desire to succeed in building a successful Network Marketing business.

“Dracy & Teisha will give you all you need to launch or further your business in a powerful yet entertaining way. Dracy’s commitment to people is legendary. All she really wants is for everyone to win. Teisha gives a fresh perspective, showing us what is working now in the age of the internet, social media, and the “new” network marketing. Together, they demonstrate how you can build a strong business based on love, compassion, & integrity.

Tom Chenault

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